Where did the name “New Reliable Press” come from?

I’m afraid that the story about the name is really not that interesting.

For several years, I worked at a bookstore that had an ancient, worn out stapler dubbed “old reliable”. When it finally broke down, we were forced to buy a new stapler which we dubbed (wait for it…) “new reliable”.

When starting the company, I wanted something that would speak to my days of sitting around collating and stapling comics on my living room floor. Stapling lead to staplers which lead to “new reliable”. End of story. That’s why there’s a stapler in the logo.

When is True Loves Vol. 2 going to be out?

True Loves Vol. 2 will be out in May 2009. Meanwhile, feel free to visit Jason’s site and check out his goings on.

Are you accepting submissions for You Ain’t No Dancer Vol. 4?

As of this writing, there are no plans for a fourth You Ain’t No Dancer. This may change in the future, however we’re looking at publishing more graphic novels over the next little while and are putting our efforts into that.

Do you offer discounted rates for retailers?

Of course! If you’re a retailer interested in purchasing New Reliable Press books for your store, contact our Sales Rep. Tony Shenton.

email: Shenton4Sales@aol.com
phone: 1-888-789-6147
fax: 201-432-4240