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CBR – At War with the Moon: Simon Roy on “Jan’s Atomic Heart”

A spotlight on Jan’s Atomic Heart that features a bit of an interview with Simon Roy is up over at Comic Book Resources.

Quoting CBR writer Shaun Manning:

What if, after wrecking your car, the insurance company set you up with a loaner of the same make and model that just happened to be employed in a recent crime spree?

What if, instead of an automobile, it was your temporary mechanical body that invoked fear and suspicion in those around you?

Writer-artist Simon Roy explores this idea in “Jan’s Atomic Heart,” an original graphic novel shipping in June from Canadian publisher New Reliable Press. By turns whimsical and explosive, “Jan” blends modern geopolitics with sci-fi mystery through the lens of buddy-film adventure.

Check out the full article here.

Eye On Comics Reviews Jan’s Atomic Heart

Don MacPherson over at Eye On Comics has just posted a fairly lengthy review of Jan’s Atomic Heart, giving it a 10 out of 10. Check it out.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jan’s Atomic Heart is both incredibly grounded and mind-blowing in its originality. It’s touching and frightening. Roy has crafted a compelling story that’s relevant and relatable, and if that’s not enough, he brings it to life with inventive designs and a slightly rough style that brings out the humanity even in characters that doubt their own humanity.

Stay tuned to the New Reliable site for more info on Jan’s Atomic Heart and True Loves 2 — including an interview with Jason Turner and Manien Bothma.