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JAH reviewed on Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader?

Great review for Jan’s Atomic Heart up over at the blog Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader?

A brief snippet of the review:

Science-fiction could learn to chill-out a little, to get in touch with reality in direct rather than indirect, metaphor-laden ways, and Jan’s Atomic Heart does just that, returning to some of the trippy-smart, fine-art/comics blurring that defined early Heavy Metal and merging it with the naturalism and emotional availability of “comix” minus the coffee and cigarettes sad-sack self-seriousness. One of the best of 2009.

What a night!

Thanks for everyone who came out to the True Loves 2/Jan’s Atomic Heart launch party on Saturday night. It was a great success, far busier that we were anticipating.

Thanks to Gabe at Lucky’s for hosting the launch and to the folks over at Cloudscape Comics for being there to launch their book too.

As usual, I brought my camera but didn’t end up taking a single photo. So, below is one stolen from Sean Esty and another of the beer, pre-launch.

Husband/Wife team Jason Turner and Manien Bothma enjoying a Brew Loves. You can see the back of my head and Simon Roy’s arm behind them.

The beer served at the launch. 60 gone in less than two hours. Next time: more beer!

I know that Jason and Manien took a couple pics, which I will steal and post once they’re up.

Simon Roy on Inkstuds

Simon was on Inkstuds yesterday talking about Jan’s Atomic Heart, drawing cowboy hats, art school and other stuff!

From the Inkstuds site:

Simon Roy is an example of one of those kids doing good comics that is miles ahead of his age. Jan’s Atomic Heart is like a mix Gipi and Heavy Metal stuff from the 70’s before it became all barbarians with boobs.

You can listen here.